Even before you ever say a word, your unique facial appearance is what creates the first impression you make. The size and shape of the nose plays a momentous role in the overall appeal of your face. Through modern plastic surgery; it’s possible, in the hands of a talented plastic surgeon, to create a more balanced, natural facial appearance by changing the shape, size and/or contour of the nose.


One of the most commonly performed facial surgeries is Rhinoplasty, frequently referred to as a “nose job”. Roughly half a million rhinoplasty surgeries are performed every year in this country. Manhattan Rhinoplasty isn’t just done for aesthetic improvement. Other reasons people look to get a nose job performed is to resolve breathing problems associated with a trauma, deviated septum, or birth defect. If you have been considering a rhinoplasty in New York City, allow our staff to assist you to take a closer look at the procedure.

The two things an experienced and reputable rhinoplasty surgeon always has in mind when performing rhinoplasty surgery:

  • Preserving nasal function…While creating a beautiful, natural outcome.

Dr. Aston will perform functional rhinoplasty as needed when working with patients who have breathing problems. For patients who desire to change the shape, size, or contour of the nose, Dr. Aston will never compromise nasal function for cosmetic improvement. In many cases, Manhattan rhinoplasty surgery can correct both an aesthetic irregularity as well as nasal function in the same procedure. Experienced board-certified plastic surgeons such as Dr. Aston who are highly trained in both cosmetic and functional nasal surgery are able to produce an extraordinary aesthetic outcome while simultaneously improving breathing and nasal function.




There are several techniques used for rhinoplasty and every patient is uniquely different. The approach that Dr. Aston takes will be based on the complexity of the surgical case as well as the overall goal of the patient. During the consultation with Dr. Aston, he will create a plan that is consistent with your desires and nasal anatomy after carefully listening to your concerns about your nose. The specifics of your anatomy and the procedures to be performed will be explained by Dr. Aston, to best give you a nose that has an “unoperated” natural appearance, functions well for breathing, and gives you the shortest recovery period possible.